More than 91% of Americans have mobile devices. Twenty percent of them more than 50 millionare Internetcapable “smart phones.” More than 150 billion mobile text messages are sent each month and 90 percent of them are read within one hour of receipt. You need a mobile marketing strategy that leverages these trends and reaches your prospects who are going mobile.

Almost all people are now using a smartphone to connect to the internet. For you to get your message out to your customers and target customers, a mobile web marketing plan needs to consider the types of devices in use. Regardless what product or service you’re offering from your brand, your website must be mobile friendly. If your customers can’t find your brand business through a mobile search, you will be left in the dust.


Axell Online’s strategies are proven to bring you to the top. We will increase your presence and visibility. Through this, it will increase your customers. More customers means more sales.

Mobile Marketing